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Book Review: Ethics in IT Outsourcing

Ethics in IT Outsourcing by Tandy Gold is a surprisingly great read on the ethics in IT outsourcing as well as IT ethics and business ethics more generally. The reason it was a surprise is that the Gold tackles the … Continue reading

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IT Skills Inventory Starts With Your IT Staffing Model

Before investing a ton of time in an extensive IT skills inventory and the maintenance nightmare of keeping a individual IT skills matrix up to date, think about starting with a simple IT staffing model. That was the approach I … Continue reading

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HathiTrust Lawsuit Decision Will Trigger The Law of Unintended Consequences

The HathiTrust lawsuit decision will certainly trigger the law of unintended consequences causing the HathiTrust institutions and all others to regret the suit. That is my conclusion based on my reading of the decision in the lawsuit brought by The Authors Guild … Continue reading

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Monitoring Ellucian Layoffs Using LinkedIn Is Getting Harder

Monitoring Ellucian layoffs and other personnel changes using LinkedIn since the Datatel SunGard merger is getting harder no thanks to changes made by LinkedIn. You may recall my post back in March which shared some insights into the Ellucian layoffs and other … Continue reading

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GoDaddy DNS Outage

The GoDaddy DNS outage which began earlier today will likely be hijacked by Chicken Little as further proof the cloud computing sky is falling. A DNS outage could cause a lot of interference to a company, especially one has busy … Continue reading

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Case Study: Arkansas State University Privacy Policy and Web Trackers

This is a case study of the Arkansas State University privacy policy and the prevalence of web trackers on ASU websites. Although this case study is specific to Arkansas State University, the approach and tools used along with the findings … Continue reading

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Got Web Beacons, Tracking Cookies or Browser Fingerprinting?

Web beacons, tracking cookies, pixel trackers and browser fingerprinting are used increasingly on college and university web sites. Unfortunately, most CIO’s and Chief Marketing Officers have very little knowledge of these web trackers presences and are naive as to their … Continue reading

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Developing an IT Policy Framework

Developing an IT policy framework is the only way to have an effective IT policy model for operations and compliance. In fact, before you do any IT policy work, you should devote some time to defining your enterprise policy framework … Continue reading

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Alternative Payment Systems Reducing the Cost of College

Alternative payment systems can reduce the cost of college for students, add convenience, and eliminate the cost of tuition payment systems. In many ways this should be a no-brainer for CFO’s and CIO’s. Yet roughly 50% of all colleges and … Continue reading

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Outsourced University Athletics Websites Violate University Privacy Policy

Outsourced university athletics websites violate university privacy policy including tracking visitor data and using it for advertisers. I don’t want to over complicate this so let me offer the simplest explanation of how university privacy policy are being violated. University athletic … Continue reading

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