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Got Web Beacons, Tracking Cookies or Browser Fingerprinting?

Web beacons, tracking cookies, pixel trackers and browser fingerprinting are used increasingly on college and university web sites. Unfortunately, most CIO’s and Chief Marketing Officers have very little knowledge of these web trackers presences and are naive as to their … Continue reading

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IT Stress Test – Lessons from Submarines

IT stress test scenarios using lessons from submarines will determine the IT department’s minimum operating levels and what is truly critical. Using some analogies from my time on submarines seemed like an interesting and relevant way to further illustrate the … Continue reading

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IT Stress Test for Colleges and Universities

An IT stress test is a “what-if” scenario analysis of an IT department’s ability to scale down or scale up its costs, staffing, and capacity in response to changes in the economy, funding, or other forms of business stress. With … Continue reading

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Outsourced University Athletics Websites Violate University Privacy Policy

Outsourced university athletics websites violate university privacy policy including tracking visitor data and using it for advertisers. I don’t want to over complicate this so let me offer the simplest explanation of how university privacy policy are being violated. University athletic … Continue reading

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5 Myths of IT Governance

I discovered 5 myths of IT governance while following a recent discussion of college CIO’s which are common misconceptions of IT governance. This post picks up from the Definition of IT Governance: What many colleges get wrong by focusing on more general … Continue reading

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Training Your Staff is the New Software Purchasing Best Practice

I am going to suggest that training your staff is the new software purchasing best practice for avoiding those lemons and buyers remorse. The idea would be that before you buy that data warehouse and reporting package for your SIS … Continue reading

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Amazon EC2 Goes Down: Start the Cloud Fears

The big storms yesterday in the eastern part of the country took down part of Amazon EC2 cloud services in Virginia due to the power outages. The Amazon EC2 outage of course had a cascading effect on customers including some … Continue reading

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Definition of IT Governance: What Many Colleges Get Wrong

The definition of IT Governance still has many college CIO’s confused leading to dysfunctional IT governance models and poor results. That is based on a recent college CIO discussion on IT governance that revealed many CIO’s are more focused on … Continue reading

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Opportunity Cost: The Forgotten Cost of IT Investments

Every decision involves trade-offs between the costs and benefits of the available options. But most people forget to account for the opportunity cost of their choice. While most IT investment decision making relies on the traditional accounting cost to decide … Continue reading

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Sunk Cost Fallacy: The Irrational Barrier to Effective IT Investments

The irrational psychology of the sunk cost fallacy is a pervasive barrier to effective IT investment decision making and CIO success. Let’s say you spent $1M on a project the vendor says they need another $100K to complete it. Even … Continue reading

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