2012 US Higher Education Web Tools Market Share Report
This report presents the data on the prevalence of web tools categorized using Advertising, Analytics, Privacy, Trackers, and Widgets found on college and university websites. The report also presents the market share of each service provider for each category.
Price: $180.00
SunGard v Cajana & NSCC Court Records
SunGard v Cajana & NSCC Court Records
Copies of the SunGard HE vs Cajana Amended Complaint and the Answer to the Amended Complaint.
Price: $1.99
ROI Calculator Template
ROI Calculator Template captures the hard and soft dollars revenues and savings along with the intangibles for an IT investment or project and computes the IRR, NPV, Payback values and any depreciation, taxes and the ROI values automatically.
Price: $14.95
Online Privacy Policy Assessment
This is a fixed fee remote service to conduct an assessment of an institutions website(s) privacy policy and online privacy practices. See product page for complete details.
Price: $1,500.00
IT Policy Template
IT Policy Template
The IT Policy Template is a comprehensive outline of policy elements commonly found in IT policies across every industry and government. The outline is deliberately comprehensive to help you quickly settle in on a standard framework that will support strict regulatory and audit compliance or trim it down for less formal but important policy requirements. Each element contains a brief explanation of the element as well as prompts or suggestions for using that element in your policy framework.
Price: $4.99
IT Operations Manual Template
The IT Operations Manual Template is a comprehensive template designed to offer the most complete framework for an IT Operations Manual as possible. The IT Operations Manual Template is a 30 page guide filled with thoughtful advice to help you document how your IT department operates. The Templates covers all major elements of an IT departments' organization, administration and operations.
Price: $19.95
IT Project Portfolio Planning Toolkit
The toolkit includes an Excel IT Project Portfolio Planning Template that serves as a PPM solution for demand management and workload planning. The Toolkit also includes a detailed Guide to IT Portfolio Planning and a Portfolio Planning presentation to help communicating the approach and training staff.
Price: $24.95
Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Questionnaire
Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Questionnaire
The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Questionnaire is a traditional tool for gathering the essential data to support business continuance planning (BCP) and IT disaster recovery planning. The BIA Questionnaire begins by developing a listing of core business functions then identifies the underlying processes, critical assets and resources required to perform those processes. Then the RTO & RPO are captured based on the duration the business can be without each function and process. This is a MS Word document and can be easilly merged into a SharePoint framework or Google Docs to simplify administration.
Price: $4.99
HEOA P2P Compliance Assessment
HEOA P2P Compliance Assessment
The HEOA P2P Compliance Assessment is an assessment program intended to fulfill the require of the regulation for annual assessments of institutional effectiveness. Because the the assessment program is taken directly from 34 CFR 668.14(b)(30) and 668.43(a)(10) institutions can have greater confidence in conducting self-assessments of their compliance in combating illegal file sharing on campus. All institutions should consult their auditors for certainty on compliance matters.
Price: $9.95
IT Governance Toolkit
This toolkit is a turnkey solution used by nearly 300 customers to establish an initial IT Governance framework or improving the maturity of an existing program with a formalized policy. The IT Governance Toolkit includes a comprehensive Policy template as well as simplified version for getting started along with an IT Governance Committee Charter. Each document is a fully editable Word document with instructions, tips and optional text.
Price: $19.95
IT Project & Capital Request Form
IT Project & Capital Request Form
IT Project & Capital Request Form is a comprehensive business plan template created in MS Excel. The template includes sections for capturing the business case in narrative and developing a 5 year total cost including capital and operational expenses. To aid in IT resource planning and accurate costing, there is also a worksheet for doing an initial project estimate of labor for internal resources for IT and non-IT labor and for external contractors. This data is intended to feed the portfolio planning worksheet also available here. There is an additional version of this form which is used to build a SharePoint table so the form can auto-populate a SharePoint database.
Price: $4.95
Vendor Management Program Template
This is a complete and comprehensive policy with administrative procedures for a turnkey vendor management program. This 26 page Word document includes explanations and suggestions for customizing the program and 5 sample forms for your program.
Price: $19.95
CIO 90 Day Plan Kit
CIO 90-Day Plan Kit includes the CIO 90 Day Plan Checklist, the Assessment and Executive Questionnaire, and the 90 Day Plan Assessment Result Report Presentation.
Price: $39.95
Four Questions on CIO's
An analysis of the 2011 EDUCAUSE CIO Listserv Published May 2012
Price: $395.95
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