Privacy Policy

[Update 7/24/12]: I have been researching deeper into the web, or should I say the hidden web, and privacy practices. I fully intend to begin sharing what I have found with readers very soon in some blog articles.

Because of what I have found, I realize I needed to amend my Privacy Policy to be much more accurate and honest. That will require a bit more thought so for now I am adding this update.

There are several features on the website and blog which I have chosen to implement as a way of improving the user experience. That includes options for connecting and following, sharing posts via Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and others, and Newsletters. I also use some analytics tools to track visitors, site usage and performance and I added Google Ad not long ago to generate a little revenue to cover some new capabilities.

Well, some of those tools, widgets, or codes also gather site data and in some cases user information when they already know who you are and potentially anonymous data when they don’t. And, some of these providers leak that data to other third parties.

As one person put it, “It’s how the web works. Nothing is “free”. If you’re not paying for something then you’re the something being sold.”

I need to decide how to describe this better and whether or not to continue some or all of these services. Meanwhile, what I do with your data has not changed as I describe it below.

I want you to join the other 35,000+ people who read The Higher Ed CIO each month in getting regular free updates as soon as they are published.

That means I want you to be comfortable purchasing products, subscribing to the Newsletter, using any of the Connect and Follow options, or signing up to receive premium content for Subscribers.

So my privacy policy is simple and based on trust.

I promise that I will never sell, share, trade, disclose, market, or publicize your email address in any way, shape, or form. Period.

Jerry Bishop | The Higher Ed CIO