IT Skills Inventory Starts With Your IT Staffing Model

Before investing a ton of time in an extensive IT skills inventory and the maintenance nightmare of keeping a individual IT skills matrix up to date, think about starting with a simple IT staffing model. That was the approach I recently took with a client who sensed their imbalance in IT costs and operational issues might be due to an IT skills gaps. Continue reading

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IT Governance Model

Your IT governance model is one of the most critical processes to the success of your IT department and your organization. IT governance in many organization’s occurs through a technology committee but uses an informal process, or function, resulting in IT governance operating at a low maturity level. Informal IT governance often leads to reactive IT services and bad IT investment decisions. Continue reading

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IT Budget Benchmarks and More IT Staffing Benchmarks

Apparently everyone loves IT staffing benchmarks and IT metrics so much that I am following up IT Staffing Ratios Benchmarks with some additional IT staffing benchmarks and some interesting IT budget benchmarks. Continue reading

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IT Staffing Ratios Benchmarks

IT Staffing RatiosIT staffing ratios benchmarks should be checked each year against your own IT staffing ratios to be sure you still match up with current IT staffing trends. As important as it is to check industry specific IT staffing ratios benchmarks, you should also consider the cross-industry benchmarks because your industry may be lagging overall trends. Continue reading

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HathiTrust Lawsuit Decision Will Trigger The Law of Unintended Consequences

HathiTrust LawsuitThe HathiTrust lawsuit decision will certainly trigger the law of unintended consequences causing the HathiTrust institutions and all others to regret the suit. That is my conclusion based on my reading of the decision in the lawsuit brought by The Authors Guild against HathiTrust Digital Library (HDL) and the president’s of the member universities. Continue reading

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Virtualization Metrics and Virtualization Benchmarks

Virtualization MetricsServer virtualization metrics and virtualization benchmarks are critical to analyzing the financial and operational performance benefits from virtualization. This is especially true when you want to know if you are achieving the full ROI that virtualization offers for improved staffing efficiencies and speed of execution. Continue reading

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Understanding Open and the MOOC Ain’t Open

Understanding Open. It has to be one of the greatest professional challenges ahead for institutional leaders and CIO’s especially on OER and the MOOC. So, if you are intellectually lazy you should know up front there are no shortcuts. Continue reading

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Collaborative Consumption Adoption Will Kill the MOOC Model

The adoption of collaborative consumption economic models and the role of reputation will kill the current MOOC model before it ever gains widespread acceptance. The reason collaborative consumption, or if you prefer the social economic and business model, will force the rethinking of the MOOC model are the same reasons collaborative consumption business models are crushing traditional business models and markets. Continue reading

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Reconciling System Maintenance and Innovation as a CIO

Vanessa James  on InnovationAuthor Introduction: Vanessa James is a business technology consultant and blogger. She enjoys reading about new technologies, especially while listening to The Rat Pack. She currently writes for database performance monitoring solutions provider

As I’ve read through some of the CIO-related articles out on the Internet, I’ve noticed two pieces of conflicting advice. And this isn’t just a piece of simple advice where you can ignore it. This advice is at the core of what the IT team is and does. Continue reading

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6 IT Success Factors Your Customers Care About

There are 6 IT success factors that reflect your customer’s definition of IT success which every IT organization should be tuned into and measuring. I have settled on these 6 IT success factors because they surface in nearly every engagement I work on whether it is an IT organization assessment or CIO coaching. And, I am pretty sure you will be surprised by what they are which does not include any leadership mumbo-jumbo about how we are all snowflakes. Continue reading

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