Eat Your Own Dog Food – Lessons from BYOD

Eat Your Own Dog Food

The first rule of IT ought to be to always eat your own dog food. Eat your own dog food is much more than a rule. Eat your own dog food is a first principle of IT.

That is why in the era of BYOD, the more IT decides to break this first principle the more likely it is that you have a failing IT organization. Continue reading

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Seat At The Table Thinking

Seat at the TableGetting that coveted seat at the table may depend more on how you think about things than anything else. The key to developing “seat at the table thinking” could be thought of as having an executive mindset. Now I am sure many people can hear the phrase executive mindset and know instantly what it means. But for those CIO’s and senior IT leaders struggling to figure out why they are not getting a seat at the table, some details might be useful. Continue reading

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Enough with the IT Cowboys, Firefighters and Heroes

IT CowboysWhen will we decide as a profession that we have had enough of the IT cowboys, firefighters and heroes? Isn’t it time for the sheriff to run every last IT cowboy out of town with orders to never show their face around here again? Isn’t it time for us to employ those skilled in fire prevention instead of a bunch of smoke jumpers that parachute in to save the day? Continue reading

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Law of Diminishing Returns in IT

The law of diminishing returns may be one of the most important ‘laws’ for CIO’s to understand and apply in nearly every decision making situation. CIO’s often use a number of shorthand adaptations of the law of diminishing returns such as “cost vs quality” or “the 80-20 rule”.

The more I think about it though, the more I believe the shorthand is not helping CIO’s overcome the challenges of achieving an appropriate balance between the cost of IT versus the value of IT. For that reason I have decided the law of diminishing returns deserves to be directly applied in nearly all IT decision making. Continue reading

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Big Data or Big Problems

Big DataBefore you start planning for your big data requirements and asking for a big data budget, make sure what you think is big data isn’t really just big problems. That’s my best advise from a more enlightened perspective on how organizations are responding to processing problems in their larger information systems and data warehouse applications. Continue reading

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Review Your 2013 Web Hosting Strategy

The new year is still new making it a great time review your current web hosting strategy. It might be the right time of the year to find an alternative web hosting service that meets your needs perfectly. Speaking of review, remember when millions of website owners were mystified by the non-appearance of their websites back in September 10 of 2012 from the GoDaddy outage. Was it an isolated server issue? Or perhaps a larger network attack, coming ominously the day before September 11th? Continue reading

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Where is Jerry Bishop

Jerry Bishop“Where is JerryBishop” is a great question and one I should have answered a long time ago to explain not posting regularly. The answer of course is that I am right here as I have been all along struggling to get back into the groove of posting on The Higher Ed CIO. So today I will break through my mental barrier to posting by sharing with a bit of an explanation to get things rolling again. Continue reading

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What Keeps Me Up At Night

What keeps me up at night 3:00 am“What keeps me up at night” is one of those cliches I often dismiss. I suppose it is because I have never really had any trouble sleeping at night in all my years of working in IT because of work related issues. I suppose it is because I am not a worrier by nature, although I do have my insecurities like everyone else. Continue reading

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Cloud Computing in Higher Education

Bob BurkeAuthor Introduction: Bob Burke is president of FolderWave, Inc., a cloud-based company offering products and services designed to significantly improve complex, high-volume time-dependent process and data management operations in many operational areas in higher education.  Bob can be reached at

The irony about cloud computing in higher education is that most schools have already been using it to some extent but may not even realize it. Gmail is one example. Yahoo Mail is another. Continue reading

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Capacity Planning Maturity Pipe Dream

capacity planning crowded trainCapacity planning maturity seems like it must be a pipe dream for the majority of IT departments. Unlike other process maturity questions, when it comes to capacity planning process maturity, I am wondering if thinking in terms of levels even makes sense. Instead, perhaps we can consider a different maturity model. Continue reading

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