Monitoring Ellucian Layoffs Using LinkedIn Is Getting Harder

Monitoring Ellucian layoffs and other personnel changes using LinkedIn since the Datatel SunGard merger is getting harder no thanks to changes made by LinkedIn. You may recall my post back in March which shared some insights into the Ellucian layoffs and other Datatel+SunGard personnel changes.

Tracking Ellucian Layoffs (Datatel+SunGard)

Just to recap, I showed a couple of options that Ellucian customers might use to keep on eye on the changes being made at Ellucian as part of monitoring their vendor related risk. One of those methods involved using the LinkedIn Company Profile graphs to track things like company growth, people changes jobs and of course leaving the company.

Ellucian Then SunGard Company Growth

Ellucian then SunGard Employee Changes

At the time LinkedIn even provided baselines for these metrics from peer companies which you can see in the examples taken in March (above) as the Green lines.

LinkedIn Changes

Well, Linked eliminated this set of features a little while back. But since someone asked me the other day how to find the Ellucian employee graphs I figured I should share the answer with everyone.

The LinkedIn Company Page team explained the change to me in an email saying in part,

‘Concerning the data for Annual Company growth along with the other graphs, unfortunately you are correct that this information has been removed from all company pages. In an effort to provide the best most accurate data for our members, the information was removed so that we can identify an opportunity to investigate the possibility of providing a better user experience for the member.”

The LinkedIn Company Page Team also indicated the change rolled out a couple of months ago which I did notice when I saw several former SunGard colleagues making updates to their LinkedIn profiles.

So I wonder which user the LinkedIn change is designed for. My guess, based on the LinkedIn revenue model and pressures of being public, is the change to the company pages  was designed to prevent people from doing the very thing I had done so as to not upset the corporate clients.

Now I am not suggesting it is because of my little blog, but it is clear it was done for the benefit of the companies not the professionals that use LinkedIn.

In the end, the lesson is that revenue from hiring solutions and marketing solutions trumps revenue from premium subscriptions and the interests of the professional network’s members. Let me punctuate that point – LinkedIn is supposed to be a professional network not a company.

Ellucian Skills on LinkedInAt least they didn’t eliminate the employee skills feature which I have included for you here. As I noted in the original post, this list represents how the Ellucian employees self identify their skills and the extent to which it is technology or solutions oriented or internally (re: Ellucian) or externally oriented (re: customers).

Moreover, now that they have merged, how do you feel about Ellucian’s top skills?

  • Does it bother you that although the SunGard group was significantly larger, Banner is not among the top skills.
  • Does it concern you that LMS platforms two LMS platforms are among the top skills even though the flagship SIS/ERP products are not?
  • Does it concern you their expertise is community colleges not 4-year colleges or universities.

Ellucian Customers

Meanwhile, Ellucian customers will have to rely on good old fashioned methods to track the the stream of personnel changes still occurring at Ellucian and the cultural turnmoil some are reporting.

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  1. Umepha says:

    Great article and straight to the point. I don’t know if this is really the best place to ask but do you have any thoughts on where to hire professional Banner Student experts? Thank you :)

  2. The Higher Ed CIO says:

    Aside from contacting your Ellucian rep, maybe Edu1world’s job board is a resource you might try.

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