IT Governance Toolkit

IT Governance Toolkit

The IT Governance Toolkit is a turnkey IT Governance model designed to get your IT governance model implemented quickly using proven policies and procedures. Whether you are setting up an initial IT Governance model or looking to improve the maturity of existing IT governance policies to address risk management concerns, the IT Governance Toolkit provides a comprehensive solution to improving IT decision making.

Used by nearly 300 customers, and recently enhanced from their feedback, the four files of the IT Governance Toolkit will give you a formal IT governance model needed for more effective and transparent decision making on technology investments and project selection without spending days and weeks searching for samples that must be knit together into a sensible program.

The IT Governance Toolkit is intended to fit the needs of a wide range of industries and demanding regulatory requirements for corporate governance including banking, healthcare, government, and higher education. The IT Governance Toolkit includes the following IT Governance templates:

  • IT Governance Committee Charter
  • IT Governance Guidelines
  • IT Project Governance – Short Version
  • IT Governance Model Presentation

Each of the IT Governance templates included in the Toolkit are fully editable Word and PowerPoint files supported by an Instruction. Each of the templates are complete working documents with embedded suggestions and tips as well as optional alternate text to help you customize the document to your organization’s corporate governance and policy framework.

IT Governance Committee Charter Template

The IT Governance Committee Charter template is a concise one page charter that details:

  • Purpose of IT Governance and the IT Governance Committee
  • Objectives of the IT Governance Committee
  • Oversight responsibilities in the areas of Governance, Compliance, and Innovation and Technology
  • Committee performance
  • Committee membership

IT Governance Guidelines Template

The IT Governance Guidelines template is a comprehensive 20-page IT Governance program that serves as a detailed policy and procedure intended to be used with the IT Governance Committee Charter template. The embedded suggestions and tips offer practical guidance on customizing the policy portion and procedural areas so that they fit within the culture of your organization and your readiness for IT Governance.

IT Governance Guidelines Table of ContentsThe major elements of the IT Governance policy and procedure sections are listed below which you can also see in the Table of Contents pictured here.

IT Governance Policy: Purpose, Rationale, Applicability, Custodian, Conflict Resolution, Exemptions and Exceptions

IT Governance Procedure: Principles of IT Governance, IT Governance Organization, Annual Calendar and Timing, The Intake Process, Decision-Making Guidelines, and Portfolio Management

IT Project Governance Template

The IT Project Governance Template is a simplified 2-page version of the IT Governance Guidelines that focuses on the decision making and process of project selection and approval process of IT Governance.

The template includes: Project Request Process, Project Approval Process, Project Scheduling Process,  Project Performance Management Process, and Project Team Roles and Responsibilities.

This may be the ideal template if you are just getting started. But because it is a condensed version of the larger IT Governance Guidelines, you can easily put pieces in to target specific needs. More importantly, you will have everything you need to add to your program’s maturity when you are ready.

IT Governance Model Presentation

The IT Governance Model presentation was developed to help you with communicating “What is IT Governance” within the context of corporate governance. In the presentation you will find several visuals to illustrate the key concepts and structures of IT Governance as well as answers to the common questions you will face.

In addition to receiving the IT Governance Model Presentation in this toolkit, you can view the presentation in the blog post IT Governance Made Easy which includes additional insights and suggestions for getting started.

IT Governance Toolkit
This toolkit is a turnkey solution used by nearly 300 customers to establish an initial IT Governance framework or improving the maturity of an existing program with a formalized policy. The IT Governance Toolkit includes a comprehensive Policy template as well as simplified version for getting started along with an IT Governance Committee Charter. Each document is a fully editable Word document with instructions, tips and optional text.
Price: $19.95

Customers that have used this toolkit have also used the IT Project & Capital Request Form which is an extension of the IT Governance model project request process.


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