Four Questions on CIO’s: 2011 EDUCAUSE CIO Listserv Analysis

Four Questions on CIO'sI am proud to announce the publication of the Four Questions on CIO’s: 2011 EDUCAUSE CIO Listserv Analysis report is completed. The Four Questions on CIO’s is an independent report that offers a pragmatic and authentic examination of the higher education CIO using the 855 posts made to the 2011 EDUCAUSE CIO Listserv and the 2132 responses.

The examination uses several novel approaches including social network mapping and semantic analysis tools to answer the Four Questions on CIO’s.

The Four Questions

The EDUCAUSE CIO Listserv was analyzed to develop an understanding for the issues and initiatives of higher education CIO’s using the Four Questions to frame the inquiry.

  • What is the role of the CIO?
  • What are CIO’s working on?
  • Are CIO’s collaborating as a community?
  • Are CIO’s acting strategically?

The results of this analysis, and the Answers to the Four Questions, are dramatic and  somewhat unexpected. This report is intended to serve the needs of CIO’s and non-IT leaders alike with an honest examination of the work of CIO’s and insights for assessing your own institution with 27 recommendations to consider based on your own findings.

Genesis of the Four Questions on CIO’s

The Four Questions on CIO’s was conceived as a way to respond to the perceived differences, what I’ll call the mismatch, of the popular research studies. Where, on one side we have a body of work representing institutional leaders reporting the top issues affecting their institutions, the strategies being employed in response to those issues, and the effectiveness of their IT investments.

Four Questions on CIO'sAnd, on the other side, the body of work reporting the top IT issues and technology trends in higher education touting the game changing role of the CIO and technology in leading the transformation of learning and the innovation of the higher education business model.

But, having closely monitored these reports and the EDUCAUSE CIO Listserv for several years, there has been a perceived disconnect between the IT issues and trends and what CIO’s are working on. But far more significant is the disconnect between the non-IT institutional leaders world and the role and focus of CIO’s.

Answering the Call to Action

These are issues I have written on before including the posts EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Thematic Framework and Survey Says! Effectiveness of Technology Investments.

The Four Questions on CIO’s is the initial response to my own call to action in these posts as a result of the recent survey studies and research reports related to the value and effectiveness of technology in higher education.

You can read much more about the Four Questions on CIO’s report and the approaches taken to answer each of the Four Questions under the Products page (Link) where you can also purchase the report.

There is much more that can be done to elevate the discussion on the real issues facing institutions and the legitimate opportunities for technology while attending to the overall value proposition of CIO’s and the departments they lead.

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