Badass Honey Badger CIO

Badass Honey Badger CIOBadass Honey Badger CIO is aimed at CIO’s who want to excel. So if you’re satisfied with with coasting or just being average, Badass Honey Badger CIO is not for you. Seriously, the badass honey badger CIO is written for the action oriented CIO with a clear purpose for getting the job done and being on the top of their profession.

Honey Badger Meme

We have all heard references to the honey badger in the last year or so as a result of Randall’s Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger Meme going totally viral with 51,438,613 views.

Just in case you have never watched Randall’s narration I have included it for you here on the assumption we are all adults and no stranger to colorful language.

Badass Honey Badger CIO

If you did decide to watch the video I hope you mentally made the substitution of the badass honey badger CIO as Randall describes the characteristics and traits of the honey badger.

Of course it would be absurd to literally apply Randall’s impression of the honey badger directly to a CIO – that goes double for a CIO in higher education. But there are, I think, many characteristics of the honey badger that are worth emulating if you are a CIO striving to be on the top of your game.

Badass Honey Badger

What makes the honey badger really pretty badass is the honey badger is the world’s most intelligent and fearless animal. When you consider the role of the CIO today those are powerful attributes to have.

So too is the honey badger’s strength, persistence and really tough skin allowing it to go into places very few others would dare and come back for more when the rewards are great.

Swagger is a good way to summarize the clear confidence and purposeful approach to getting things done. Swagger and a little dose of being ill-natured is also what makes the honey badger a little intimidating but respected – something CIO’s need to tap into that from time to time.

CIO’s can learn a lot from the honey badger just don’t confuse being a badass with simply being an ass. Focus on the developing your personal swagger and walking the walk of being a badass honey badger CIO.

Be persistent in solving those chronic top 10 support issues and be fearless when challenging your staff to deliver excellence. Oh, being able to run backwards and dig will also make you pretty badass.

Crazy Honey Badger

Honey Badger Don't Care

The honey badger CIO also has to be a little crazy. Especially when you have to face those cobras and bees in order to get to the real value.

Like the honey badger, the CIO looking to excel has to develop an immunity to the poisonous venom of the cobra and be crazy enough to trust that they can recover and even eat the cobra. And when you do eat that snake a little grunting seems to be in order when you’re a crazy honey badger CIO.

Honey Badger Don’t Care

The honey badger CIO don’t care about a little dirt or digging if that’s what it takes to do the job. The honey badger CIO don’t care the jackals and hawks will let the honey badger CIO do all the work so that they can steal the prize.

More CIO’s should also learn the art of just not caring about all those things that create paralysis for you and your organization. Particularly if your organization’s culture suffers from an endless patience for making decisions.

The badass honey badger CIO has to realize they can’t allow other people’s indecision or desire to wait for consensus to create paralysis for IT.

What Would Honey Badger Do?

The honey badger CIO idea has been lingering for some time now. In many ways I envision the honey badger CIO as an alter ego of sorts for CIO’s to tap into situationally.

The origins of this line of thinking I suppose is all the huggy-touchy-feely leadership thinking that is so dominant today. I’m not dismissing the modern leadership philosophy I am simply often questioning how well it has been working for most CIO’s.

So to borrow from the popular WWJD meme, CIO’s should start asking themselves:

“What would honey badger CIO do?”

I sincerely mean that. What would honey badger CIO do when you have another email outage this month or your LMS slowness and errors are not getting solved? What would honey badger CIO do if he had a one full year backlog of help desk cases and enhancement requests and projects not getting done on time?

Nobody sets out to hire a honey badger, and nobody puts “I’m one badass honey badger CIO” on their resume. But that doesn’t stop you from adding some badass honey badger CIO tools to your toolbox to turnaround the performance of your department.

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    Thanks. I now have a new goal….

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    As goals go, there are a lot worse…

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