About The Higher Ed CIO

Advice and Solutions That Work

The Higher Ed CIO began as an idea of mine in 2010 while I was serving as an outsourced CIO for a technical college here in Wisconsin. I imagined creating a site where the people responsible for IT, whether they had an IT background or not, could go to get high quality advice and solutions that work. they could implement on their own

The primary focus for this site is experienced and first time CIO’s. But a close secondary focus is those non-IT leaders who are increasingly making more and more technology decisions.

In practical terms, the vision for The Higher Ed CIO is to help organizations get the most value from their IT dollar regardless of where they spend them.

The Higher Ed CIO would do this by offering insightful advice and solutions that work in order to make readers better consumers of internal IT services, leaders of IT governance, and more savvy consumers of third party IT services.

Although the site is called The Higher Ed CIO, almost everything I write about or produce has a universal application in IT or in technology related decision making. A great deal of my blog content is actually more focused on corporate IT than higher education. I’ll admit to being conflicted about the name and struggle with whether I should change it or not. For now, I will leave it alone and hope the name doesn’t get in the way..

Jerry Bishop, Founder

Jerry BishopI am an independent IT consultant specializing in CIO services, IT strategy and turning around underperforming IT departments. In 2011, I started The Higher Ed CIO blog as part of embracing the social world which you can read about in a recent post on Living Social.

I began with the focus of helping college CIO’s advance their role as business strategists. In advising clients and publishing The Higher Ed CIO, I draw on a significant breadth of experience as an IT leader and my unique ability to simplify complex issues and create practical tools.

Most of my career experience centers around delivering customer facing IT services where service excellence matters. My orientation to IT service excellence was formed by my work in the financial services, manufacturing, and business services sectors. That includes having worked for a couple of  Fortune/Global 500 companies along with some lean start-ups.

I have also successfully applied my approach to the public and non-profit sectors in both healthcare and education where I have over 14 years of service to K-20 organizations in IT executive roles.

I live in western Wisconsin on an old farm where I spend my free time restoring native prairies and selling fruits and berries that I grow at the local farmers market. I am also an avid micro-volunteer and crowdsourcing contributor.